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Scribner 2017

No one but no one could have written this fascinating biography but a grand-daughter and a grand-daughter has. There have been many biographies and celebrations to the wonderful Dorothy Day over the years now, including by Robert Coles ( a beautiful mind barely ever mentioned any longer ) but there is something endearing and everlasting how a grand-daughter can circulate and write not only a biography from a personal perspective, but also
a universal scale, by a storyteller writing a passionate and even critical portrait of her grandmother, Dorothy Day, as well as Dorothy’s only child Tamar (the biographer’s mother) and also the author, a child then, bringing her own story
into the book. The biography becomes the story of three women’s lives, over a century long, cutting through some of the toughest ground of this country’s history: labor struggle, world wars, economic depression, civil rights, women’s rights, tattered joyous 60s, Presidential impeachment, Christian brotherhood, the Catholic Worker movement. Don’t go dummy or gummy on the word “Christian.” Here it means goodwill to all mankind. This sterling portrait will showcase how many people – often castoffs — others remarkable alongside them, and Dorothy Day, held their ground.

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"Love, motherhood, religion — how many of us on finding ourselves embraced by any one of those would have stopped, rested, and remained? But this is the mystery of those forces that led her to go one step further, and another step, and another. And in one of the most grace-filled moments of a life full of grace, Dorothy finds herself praying to the Blessed Mother. Here I am — what would you have me do? Isn’t this that in-between time, that liminal space cherished by the Irish, the mysterious time of waiting and wandering? Isn’t it about hearing the call?"

Kate Hennessey


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FARRAR, 2017


I don't want to live with the alone tonight

Stay lost at home on my own tonight

But if I leave and go down to the street

The roads all throw their crosses at my feet

And words out loud the crowds all yell me

I don't want to die I hear them all tell me

And when their throats fall quotably quiet

Can I stand out dope and hope my own don't deny it

All songs are the same they show my shame in kind

The words are plain the pain finds its name in mine

It's no mistake I lie awake so straight and still

The maze I cannot penetrate waits at my doorsill

I could build bridges that make the sea blink

But there's no bank to build them from here on this nearside I think

They told me sold me how to live I had to buy it

But then they made me give up my seat in the riot

I don't want to live with the alone tonight

I'd love to reign on this throne tonight

I'm the empire at home on my own tonight

Habitat zone in my headphones tonight

The poems I wrote are afraid to quote me

Out loud that shroud of yowls won't save me

I don't want to live I hear them say daily

I don't want to die so please won't you say me

I don't want to stay please won't you play me

B I L L      K N O T T

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